Fire Detection

With Detect-a-Fire you are automatically alerted, no matter when or where.

The Shake

Easy access alarm system that notifies responders in seconds.

(feature is under development)

Assist Friends

Instantly creates your very own fire alert community of neighbors and friends.

Gunshot Detection

Can help make sure you and your family don’t become statistics.

(in beta testing mode)

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Adds an extra line of defense for your family.

Custom Alarms

Records specific messages for your children to hear during fire emergencies.

Sex Offenders

Automatically seeks out registered sex offender’s.

Missing persons

A more effective and reliable way to help get your loved one home safely.

Volcanic Eruption

An early alert volcanic eruption detection system.

(feature is under development)

Drones Surveillance

Drones automatically deployed when an alarm is raised by any user in a critical emergency situation for surveillance
(this feature is in early development stages)